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For over 35 years, Sweet Street Desserts has been a premier innovator in the world of gourmet desserts that delight every sense. Based in Reading, Pa., the number-one ranked Sweet Street features unique recipes and enticing ingredients from around the world like salted caramel, Greek honey, delectable chocolates, and fresh fruit flavors. LaunchDM and Sweet Street have worked together on several projects including two website rebuilds.

Client's Goals

Their pursuit of making the world a sweeter place was a driving force behind their extensive website redesigns.

  • Update / responsive design
  • Easy access employee resources center
  • Interactive experience for trade shows


Sweet Street Desserts came back for a second helping of LaunchDM’s creative and development services. The main objective of the project was to update the Magento website to be responsive. During the architecting phase of the project it was decided to move away from Magento and rebuild the entire site using WordPress with WooCommerce.

Digi Wall

In an effort to showcase 37 new products, Sweet Street Desserts relied on their digital partner, LaunchDM to create an interactive experience for their trade-show booth. We did just that, with three 70 inch display screens loaded with touch-friendly content to swipe through the virtual product catalog. From the main navigation you can click on any delicious Sweet Street Dessert and then tap on hot spots to reveal product attributes and ingredients. It’s sweet!

Fundraising Demo

Fundraising efforts can seem daunting. Sweet Street Desserts are delicious. LaunchDM lined the two up with a luscious looking demo that’s decidedly, deliciously simple, and un-dauntified. A.K.A., the new system makes it easy (and profitable) to run a fundraiser.

Fundraising Brochure

We created the Fundraising interactive demo and translated the look and feel into the print materials... Well maybe visa versa, but the point is that we honored the consistency between digital and print media for a consistent message. This campaign allowed youth sports teams and other non-profit organizations across the country to learn how to run online-based campaigns in an effort to raise money from their ecosystem.

Services Rendered