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Our relationship with Penske is another perfect case study to show our partnership model working successfully. Penske has a marketing team, they have designers and developers, and they also have LaunchDM to bring in for specialty and collaborative projects. We began working on a few small projects many years back and now have the long- standing trusted partner status to help with their digital marketing efforts.


Create a partnership model to work independently or as an extension to the Penske Marketing team where translation time is efficient, the teams know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and projects are completed with an element of total trust and dependability.

  • Market research, develop a brand and assets for a helpful online tool
  • Develop a mobile app to help create sales efficiencies
  • Create an interactive experience to keep staff connected

Public Scale Locator

When a member of the military receives a transfer they can have the government move them or they can choose to rent their own truck and make a DITY (do-it-yourself) move. If they choose the DITY option they must have their truck weighed twice – empty & full. Finding certified public scales was the big pain point so LaunchDM built a locator to help ease the pain and enable military movers to concentrate on the task at hand — moving.

We conducted the market research to find the pain-points, learn the language of military moves and build the messaging around our findings. We continue to help support and maintain this site for the Marketing team. Find out more about Military Moves with Penske Truck Rental.

Touch Screen Digital Display

The logistics team needed a way to get a quick glance of critical information and wanted it centralized to the team. We worked collaboratively to create a full touch screen interface to gather this critical data and placed it centrally within the logistics offices. There is also self-running information updated in real-time to display other helpful information regarding weather, and other conditions that affect logistics.

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