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What started with a small project back in 2008, evolved into LaunchDM working daily with Salesforce’s in-house team and partner ecosystem. This exposure adds value to our brand each day as we are collaborating with the most innovative company in the world as an extension to their team. We started in corporate marketing redesigning, and evolved to work collaboratively with the executive teams that report directly to Salesforce’s CEO, Marc Benioff. Throughout the years, we have been part of Salesforce’s growth by helping to rebuild many Salesforce web properties and reinvent other Salesforce design elements. We have built over 50 public-facing websites, created mobile apps, worked on branding for Dreamforce and host the Design Consultation sessions at Dreamforce and World Tours nationwide.


Salesforce was looking for an extension to their team to provide our core products and services as a long-term trusted partner.

  • Become an extension to the Salesforce team for our core services
  • Help develop the Salesforce brand in their most popular public-facing website properties
  • Work closely with the management teams to create consistency throughout departments
  • Host design consultations and webinars for Salesforce as experts in Design, UI/UX, and Dev
  • Positioned as a long-term preferred partner & Partner Portal

Over the years as Salesforce evolved, so did our work, and some of it has reached the Salesforce archives, and unfortunately a few early masterpiece status projects are no longer live, but worth mentioning… One of our first big projects was to redesign the Partner Portal 2.0 which has now evolved to be Salesforce Communities. We took a clunky older interface and created an effortless new experience for the Salesforce ecosystem interacting with the Portal. We were also privileged to work on the main corporate website when they had their “Aloha” look and feel. These were the days of “no software” SaaSy animating on the homepage - which we did the SaaSy animations as well.

Developer Website

A platform company is not complete without a developer community; and a developer community is not complete without solid resources and web properties to educate, market and grow. We have developed many iterations of since 2009, and continue to work collaboratively with the best developer marketing team in the business. We have been instrumental working as an extension to the team helping to build the developer community from 14,000 to 2.8 million and counting. We not only build great stuff together, but also host Design Consultations in the Dev Zone at Dreamforce and World Tours to educate the developer community on design, UI/UX best practices and the Lightning Design System.

Admin Website

Salesforce recently launched their new Salesforce Admins website – a place for all admins to learn, connect and be inspired. LaunchDM developed the site and assisted with UI/UX. The site is very unique behind the scenes as it utilizes the WordPress CMS running on Heroku for Salesforce. Whether you are looking for a Salesforce Admin webinar, podcast, video or event, or you just want to get some new swag, this site is the place to go. Check it out below, and be sure to look for the Easter egg in the footer!

TrailheaDX Website

The Trailhead is the fun way to learn Salesforce and the Trailhead brand is taking over! How can it not with all it’s cute characters that guide you through the ease of learning. TrailheaDX is two fun days of inspiration and hands-on learning - with trails for admins and developers. Adventure awaits - and we had the adventure of working with the developer marketing team on this awesome, outdoor themed, website for the TrailheaDX event. It’s such a cool event Lenny Kravitz was the headliner and we got this shot with him.

Wear Developer Packs Website

Salesforce and LaunchDM teamed up again to create this bleeding edge masterpiece website for the Salesforce developer community. The Salesforce Wear Developer Pack website is a collection of open-source starter apps that lets the Salesforce developer community quickly design and build wearable apps that connect to the Salesforce1 Platform. Millions of wearable devices connected to the cloud will create amazing new application opportunities for the Salesforce ecosystem. Can’t wait to see what you build!

Developers at Dreamforce Website

Developers have their own zone at Dreamforce, so of course they need their own site to stand alone from the general Dreamforce registration, housing and agenda website. This website was one of the first Parallax sites of it’s kind and hit a home run in the developer community. The Developers at Dreamforce (or D.A.D) website housed all the unique information, session details, and hackathon information for the developer community to get what they needed fast in a sexy, slick, fun scrolling interface.

Dreamhouse Sample App Website

Salesforce needed help in completing design and development for a website that was in prototype phase for a new app. LaunchDM developed the site using Hugo at the request of Salseforce, ramped up quickly and built it with no issues. Our main design contribution was the hero graphic representing a cross-stitch design for a “homey” feel.

Oil & Gas Brochure and Pull Up Banner

We go beyond website and digital assets and also provide Salesforce with print collateral for their industry trade shows, like the Oil and Gas Summit. We created the branding for the event and designed pull up banners and an eight page brochure outlining the event agenda and speakers.

Accenture Pull Up Banner

LaunchDM supports Salesforce’s Partners at Dreamforce and other events with booth graphics and other branding elements such as tradeshow banners. Accenture was giving away an Apple Watch to one lucky winner at their event on the Dreamboat and we created the “photobooth” background for this awesome contest that had one excited winner!

Digital Signage at Dreamforce

The Trailhead brand is exploding, so we were excited to work with the Trailhead characters and come up with a looping animation that displayed above the Trailhead Library at Dreamforce 2016. The content was designed to highlight the cheat sheets, books and whitepapers for developers in the Dev Zone.

Dreamforce Social Media Digi Wall

There is so much going on at Dreamforce there needs to be one space for social feeds, photos, and conference feedback in the Dev Zone, so we created a massive digital wall with dynamic feeds to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest Dreamforce happenings. With so many buckets of information, photos and feeds we were challenged with creating a easy-to-understand interface at one quick glance. The project was a success and was carried over for the next year.

UI / UX Design Consultations

Dreamforce, held every year in San Francisco, is the most innovative technology conference in the world, hosted by Forbes’ most innovative company in the world, Salesforce. The conference provides a platform for partners, users, and companies across all industries to learn, collaborate and obtain solutions from the Salesforce ecosystem.

For the fifth year, LaunchDM partnered with Salesforce to host the Design Consultations area in the Dev Zone. We offer design, user interface, and user experience consultations with a focus on Salesforce technologies and it’s ecosystem. In addition to hosting 30 minute one-on-one consults, we are also regular speakers at Salesforce events nationwide sharing our industry expertise.

Services Rendered