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L&H Sign Company, Inc. is a custom architectural signage company that is headquartered in Reading, Pa. Over the past 20-plus years they have been awarded numerous design and fabrication awards in the signage industry. L&H Signs can produce anything from a simple company sign to an elaborate way-finding system.

Client's Goals

L&H Signs was looking for a better way to showcase their work across multiple verticals.

  • Updated / Modern Responsive Design
  • Organization and presentation of their work
  • Generate more leads in their target markets
  • Showcase their Patient Care Sign to potential clients
  • Simplifying their design process for their Patient Care Sign Creator


LaunchDM was able to provide a solution for the organization and presentation of the various verticals L&H Signs specialize in such as healthcare, sports venues, financial, and corporate. The responsively designed website also features a categorization of exterior, interior, and way-finding signage.

As tablet and mobile views increase steadily, the responsively designed website gives L&H Signs the ability to have their signage projects look amazing on any device.


L&H Signs came to LaunchDM to simplify the process that their customers go through to create a Patient Care Sign (PCS). The PCS is a L&H Signs patented hospital room sign that improves communication and reduces patient safety risks.

These custom signs now can be designed and customized by clients through their all-new Patient Care Sign Creator (PCS Creator) that was designed and developed at the LaunchDM studio. The PCS Creator functions on touch screens, desktops, laptops, and tablet screens. It also has the ability to run offline for trade shows.

Visitors go through a step-by-step process to select body styles, icon selection and arrangement, headers, room number, plus custom colors and graphics. Not only can people save their custom sign, but it can also be submitted for a quote that is automatically submitted into L&H Signs' Salesforce account.

What are you waiting for? Try out the Patient Care Sign creator.

Services Rendered