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Adelphia Seafood

Adelphia Seafood has been the regions leading fresh fish and seafood provider for over the past 60 years. The partnership between LaunchDM and Adelphia Seafood revolved around redesigning their website to cater to both their retail and wholesale seafood customers. Their new website featured weekly specials,  what products are fresh daily, and providing seafood knowledge and information through their blog and recipe sections. The site also features an interactive map showcasing where in the world they get their seafood. If you are in need of seafood in the Berks and surrounding counties be sure to checkout the retail locations of Adelphia Seafood.

Lancaster Orthopedic Group

Lancaster Orthopedic Group has been voted the number one favorite orthopedic practice in Lancaster for over 16 years. They wanted a website that better represented their place in Lancaster County and partnered with LaunchDM to design and build their new site.  This included the design, development, and the writing of over 200 specialities pages to help represent their status as the best in Lancaster and surrounding counties. The website was built using WordPress, and provide an easy to use user interface to help guide visitors for their experience. If you are in the Lancaster area and are in need of orthopedic care, check out Lancaster Orthopedic Group.

Venezia Bulk Transport

Venezia Bulk Transport Inc., was established in 1967 and is headquartered in Limerick, PA. They are a specialized niche bulk carrier that services customers in 48 states and in Canada. They have over 500 trucks, 1200 trailers, 12 terminal locations in eight states, and employee over 600 people. During their 50th anniversary LaunchDM and Venezia worked together to design a new website to better represent their companies capabilities and culture. The design had a focus on matching the look and color scheme of their various trucks. Their new website includes a breakdown of their eight company divisions, a map that easily shows their terminal and domicile locations, and provides information for potential employees to review current opportunities. You may have seen these trucks on the roads while you have been driving, now checkout their website.

Redner’s Warehouse Markets

Redner’s Warehouse Markets came to us to revamp their website. Looking for something more modern and mobile-friendly, we put together a fresh, full-width WordPress website decked out with coupon and ad integrations, e-commerce functionality with WooCommerce, Redner’s Rewards management and a health-conscious blog with personality. The new design offers a more app-like experience that is sure to keep Redner’s above the rest on the web. Our favorite features include a layered off-canvas navigation, a custom store locator and the Healthcents blog run by Redner’s own Registered Dietitian. Be sure to check it out and stay up to date for great recipes and healthy lifestyle choices!

KML Bearing USA

KML Bearing USA came to LaunchDM to redesign their website along with revamping the organization of their long list of premium bearing products. The newly redesigned website is fully responsive and offers an easy-to-use front-facing customer experience utilizing current KML branding. On top of the reorganization on the front-end, the WordPress CMS was extensively optimized for the easy addition or removal of products and information for the site administrator. Now the site is just as easy for the admins to navigate as it is for the customers to find the products they're looking for!

Jonathan Green, Inc.

Jonathan Green, Inc. is a turfgrass company based out of Farmingdale, New Jersey that was established in 1957 by Barry Green. LaunchDM and Jonathan Green teamed up to rebuild their online presence with a WordPress based website in conjunction with their BigCommerce online store. Their website designs, development, and search engine optimization were all completed fully by the LaunchDM team. The site also features various custom-built functionality including a store locator, spreader settings, and a frequently asked questions section to name a few.

Akamai Developer

We are incredibly excited to welcome Akamai to the LaunchDM family. You probably don’t recognize their name, but you more than likely use their services every day. Akamai is the global leader in Content Delivery Network services and with more than 216,000 servers globally they are delivering content like the Olympics or Presidential Debates to your computers and mobile devices regularly.

Akamai had an immediate need to spruce up their developer website in time for their Edge Conference and turned to LaunchDM to turn it around quickly. We were ready and willing, of course. This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Joe Jurgielewicz & Son, Ltd.

America's Tastiest Duck! This four generation family of duck farmers partnered with LaunchDM to overhaul their outdated website and bring it into the twenty-first century with a responsive eCommerce platform. This is the first time that Joe Jurgielewicz & Son will be selling online through their own website, so it was very exciting to ramp them up and lay down a great foundation for doing so. We utilized WooCommerce for the online store as well as building them custom recipes and foodservice sections to house all the important information for their direct and business customers alike. There is also a fun "Family Farmers" section to showcase the families that help raise ducks for the company.

Overhead Door Company

For over 90 years, Overhead Door has provided the latest designs, colors, and improvements in garage doors. However, when it comes to website design, they themselves turned to the pros. Using WordPress, LaunchDM has created the ability for three local Overhead Door franchises to effortlessly update their newly redesigned websites. We simplified Overhead Door’s product organization, added a photo gallery to showcase their products, and created detailed product pages to answer all your questions. Need to upgrade your garage door? Check out the Overhead Door website for Reading, Lancaster or Chester and start shopping.

US Boiler

U.S. Boiler Company is continuing to develop new products, new capabilities, and innovations that will keep them “Unmatched Anywhere”. Their new website makes them just that in the digital world – unmatched anywhere! The US Boiler brand has set a new standard for websites in their industry. This highly functional website keeps the social community tight, while allowing you to find the right boiler for your home, and the ability to find a contractor to install your new boiler. After the site, they wanted to beef up their trade show booth. We created an offline experience to tour US Boiler’s products and services with a slick touch interface. We had three 65” screens that not only the attendees enjoyed swiping through, but it was the sales person’s best friend for prospecting at the booth. This content is also able to be changed by the US Boiler team each trade show they can slightly customize the content to be show-specific. You could say our digi-wall really heated things up!


LaunchDM was introduced to the International Corporate Chef’s Association (ICCA), by our good friends at Sweet Street Desserts. The main purpose of the site is to house information for members behind a login area that only members can access. The site is used to announce news and events throughout the year, highlight achievements of members, give recognition to sponsors, and share unique experiences. After completion of the ICCA website redesign, we began discussion about creating an entirely new website and logo for Global Culinary Innovators Association (GCIA). This site was a fun project for us because we had a lot of artistic freedom and got to create a lot of custom graphics. The site was to use the same framework as the ICCA site being that much of the same functionality was needed. As with the ICCA site the GCIA site’s main purpose is to house information for members. The site is used to share experiences, give ideas on new menu items and recipes, highlight achievements and showcase upcoming ICCA, and GCIA events. Each of the two sites features Dine Around, which lets members easily share dining experiences. It’s much like a social network for the group to let others know where they have been traveling, share photos of food, and tell other members about the various dining options available in the cities they visit.

Omni Cable Website & Salesforce Integration

Omni Cable reached out to LaunchDM to deliver a fresh new look and feel with a few new special functionality requests to add to their current WordPress site. As a result, LaunchDM crafted a new rest API solution that allowed the Omni Cable team to manage their data within Salesforce content which syncs to the catalog data. As a result, the inclusion of their custom facing data on the website now allows customers to search and view for the exact products they are looking for. In addition, LaunchDM created a script to take all of Omni Cable's current catalog data to automatically import into Salesforce. We also created a more robust import script in order to discover and account for numerous inconsistencies in how various parts were named and numbered and in some cases, product having over 10 different names and representations. This also saves a tremendous amount of time by cleaning and importing their existing data into Salesforce by implementing a sophisticated script to automate the process.

Reading Health Systems

Together Reading Health Systems (RHS) and LaunchDM worked on various microsites to keep a consistent look and feel across the numerous departments that make up RHS. So far there have been six total microsites including Cardiology, OB/GYN, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Pediatrics, and Women’s Health.

Reading Bakery Systems

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) has been engineering and manufacturing snack production equipment since Grover Cleveland was President of the United States in 1893. LaunchDM has been building best-in-class websites for this innovative leader in snack manufacturing since Al Gore invented the Internet. Well, almost that long. We continue to help RBS market the most innovative products in the snack industry with high-end ecommerce solutions, responsive websites, and trade show demos.

Lego Interactive Instructions

Lego figured the kids that bought their Star Wars fighter couldn’t read so well; so they made the instructions into a movie. Just kidding, they could probably read but Lego wanted to take toy assembly to the next level. In 1998, LaunchDM built this fully interactive instruction demonstration for children ages 8 and up. To test it we gave our biz dev guy a new box of the Star Wars fighter and a link to the demo. It worked; he built his model, and had extra time so he could learn to read!

History Channel

The site includes an impressive slew of online games. LaunchDM fully conceptualized and built the “Build Your Own Parthenon” game for their website. It’s a drag-and-drop affair built in Flash. Being one of the first Flash games on the History Channel website, it’s an oldie, but a goodie. It’s fun to play with. You should play with it.

TriNet HR Demo

TriNet takes care of HR needs so business owners and administrators can focus on growing their business. TriNet needed a way to demonstrate their solutions to prospects in a way that would be informative and entertaining. LaunchDM drew assets by hand then animated them into a sensible script and some un-HR-like music.


We were invited by Apple to participate in a proof-of-concept round to help develop an interactive touch window display to promote iCloud in Apple stores worldwide. After many visits to a secret location in NYC to build the prototype for over 2 months, we successfully made it to the final round with this touch experience. Steve Jobs loved it, and was the decision-maker in this project; however, based on hardware budgets, projectors and all the moving parts required, it unfortunately never made it to any of the stores.


The National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) in DC needed another layer of way-finding signage to help direct museum visitors. LaunchDM built the first Flash-based digital way-finding system of its kind for NMNH. The system includes a content management system where museum administrators can make edits to the Flash content. The project received a DIGI Award in 2008 and a MUSE Award in 2009. View signage content: Cafe Menu Escalator Greening Dinosaur Exhibit You Are Here

CH Briggs Mobile Sales Aid

LaunchDM created a custom iPad app for C.H. Briggs, the largest distributors of specialty building materials on the east coast. This native app syncs with Briggs’ instance of and pulls assets dynamically. Now their entire sales team can access the most up-to-date information on demand, and they can even do it without an internet connection which has revolutionized the way the sales team sells and behaves. Good news is the numbers are up and we keep getting pats on the back... strange how that works?

Molson Coors Mobile Sales Aid

Molson Coors’ Cobra Beer brand ambassadors in Barcelona, Spain, needed the ability to control their brand standards in the field. As a result, LaunchDM custom designed this mobile sales aid app for the iPad and teamed up with Model Metrics for the back-end implementation. Now, the Cobra neon signs are bright and the coasters are not soggy and wrinkled because they can be re-ordered during the sales visit to the pub using this app… Oh, and the customers are never thirsty because this keeps track of re-orders assuring cold beer is always in stock!

Caron Campus Tour

Wayfinding begins on the web. People want the lay of the land before they decide to spend an extended period on any given campus. LaunchDM built an intuitive, interactive campus map integrated with 360 photo shoots to create a virtual environment for prospective Caron patients.

Giorgio Fresh

Known throughout the country as America’s Favorite Mushroom, Giorgio Fresh Company enlisted LaunchDM’s help to identify and create a separate identity from their sister company, Giorgio Foods, with their own branded website. Built into the site were several bells and whistles including new design, recipe search functionality and social sharing, a product nutritional PDF generator, SEO and a complete content management system. Straight from the farm to tills sold in the grocery store to a delicious meal on the dinner table - we helped to bring Giorgio Fresh Company to the new digital age.

Greth Homes

Greth Homes is changing their focus to become the leading custom home builder in Berks and surrounding counties. They needed a new informational site to successfully make people aware of various custom alterations they could have in their home, but keeping the site simple and user-friendly. This brought Greth Homes back to LaunchDM, sending us to the drawing board giving Greth a fresh and elegant new look. Checkout Greth’s Homes new Custom Homes Photo Gallery showing off their superior design and quality.  

Berks Oral Surgery

LaunchDM and Berks Oral Surgery (BOS) worked together on their second website. This time we worked together on a custom designed and built responsive redesign website. After drilling down and getting all of their wants and needs we released a website that not only looks great on a desktop, but also on all mobile devices. This new website is built using WordPress, and provides the team at BOS the ability to manage their website on a day-to-day basis.

Penn’s Commons Dental Group

Since Penn’s Commons Dental Group was established, their main goal has been dedicating their skills to provide their patients with the highest quality care. Over the past several decades, they have built the respect as a family-focused dental practice. The office atmosphere is geared towards treating everyone from grandparents to kids and every age in-between. The main goal for their new website was to showcase their amazing patient photos that have been gathered over the years, and have their website stand apart from the look and feel of every other dental website out there. In working closely with the staff at Penn’s Commons Dental Group, LaunchDM came up with a unique design that features a large hero image slider, testimonials, and a smile gallery to showcase their patients. Their site was built using WordPress which gives them the ability to manage their own website. They have been creating beautiful smiles in Reading and Berks County for over thirty years. If you are looking for your next dentist, check out Penn’s Commons Dental.

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