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US Boiler

U.S. Boiler Company is continuing to develop new products, new capabilities, and innovations that will keep them “Unmatched Anywhere”. Their new website makes them just that in the digital world – unmatched anywhere! The US Boiler brand has set a new standard for websites in their industry. This highly functional website keeps the social community tight, while allowing you to find the right boiler for your home, and the ability to find a contractor to install your new boiler. After the site, they wanted to beef up their trade show booth. We created an offline experience to tour US Boiler’s products and services with a slick touch interface. We had three 65” screens that not only the attendees enjoyed swiping through, but it was the sales person’s best friend for prospecting at the booth. This content is also able to be changed by the US Boiler team each trade show they can slightly customize the content to be show-specific. You could say our digi-wall really heated things up!