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Omni Cable Website & Salesforce Integration

Omni Cable reached out to LaunchDM to deliver a fresh new look and feel with a few new special functionality requests to add to their current WordPress site. As a result, LaunchDM crafted a new rest API solution that allowed the Omni Cable team to manage their data within Salesforce content which syncs to the catalog data. As a result, the inclusion of their custom facing data on the website now allows customers to search and view for the exact products they are looking for. In addition, LaunchDM created a script to take all of Omni Cable’s current catalog data to automatically import into Salesforce. We also¬†created a more robust import script in order to discover and account for numerous inconsistencies in how various parts were named and numbered and in some cases, product having over 10 different names and representations. This also saves a¬†tremendous amount of time by cleaning and importing their existing data into Salesforce by implementing a sophisticated script to automate the process.