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Brit Maack

Self proclaimed “lover of cooking, dabbler in fitness, striver for balance, and best life enthusiast”, Brit Maack turned to LaunchDM to help in the creation of her latest endeavor, Brit Maack – Own Your Life. Having recently bought a home, getting engaged and working full-time for a local insurance agency, Brit learned all too quickly how complicated life can get. As a result, she aspired to create a personal blog seeking to give advice and inspiration to others with similar struggles on how she keeps her life in balance and peace in mind while doing so.

LaunchDM first helped Brit in designing the branding for the blog by creating a logo, while incorporating the “Own Your Life” tagline. The goal was to create something very clean with some eclectic elements, with an overall organic look and feel with natural, earthy bold colors and tones. The triangles in the logo represent a “mind-body-spirit” concept in order to show a sense of self-completion. And bonus, they make the perfect abstract letter A’s! Triangles are also the strongest geometric shape, often representative of something that is structurally sound.

In addition to the logo, the blog took on a very relaxed, airy and sophisticated look that really pulls Brit’s brand and identity together seamlessly. The blog is comprised of 4 main categories for posts including Lifestyle, Food, Fitness and Limelight in which Brit had prepared several posts for each prior to launching. Brit asked that we leave room within the design for 3 banner ads which she provided pre-designed files to import onto the blog for advertising purposes. We also utilized the MailChimp for WordPress plugin in order to allow interested followers to subscribe to the blog and receive updates from Brit on a weekly basis.

To follow Brit and become an “Own Your Life Believer”, visit her blog!