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LaunchDM was introduced to the International Corporate Chef’s Association (ICCA), by our good friends at Sweet Street Desserts. The main purpose of the site is to house information for members behind a login area that only members can access. The site is used to announce news and events throughout the year, highlight achievements of members, give recognition to sponsors, and share unique experiences.

After completion of the ICCA website redesign, we began discussion about creating an entirely new website and logo for Global Culinary Innovators Association (GCIA). This site was a fun project for us because we had a lot of artistic freedom and got to create a lot of custom graphics. The site was to use the same framework as the ICCA site being that much of the same functionality was needed. As with the ICCA site the GCIA site’s main purpose is to house information for members. The site is used to share experiences, give ideas on new menu items and recipes, highlight achievements and showcase upcoming ICCA, and GCIA events.

Each of the two sites features Dine Around, which lets members easily share dining experiences. It’s much like a social network for the group to let others know where they have been traveling, share photos of food, and tell other members about the various dining options available in the cities they visit.