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In 2011, Unique Pretzels introduced their new “Shells” to their product line. They came to LaunchDM for a bag design that would showcase this new product and give Unique a fresh new look to their packaging. Like many of our clients, this one project turned into years of collaboration and a total brand refresh.

Client's Goals

Unique Pretzels began in the late 1800’s. When the sixth generation of the Spannuth family took over the business they decided it was time to take the business to the next level with new pretzels and a new look.

  • Packaging Redesign
  • E-Commerce Website redesign and development
  • Professional photography of their product line
  • Multiple marketing materials

Bag Designs

After many years of using the same bag design for their “Splits” pretzels, Unique decided it was time for a change. LaunchDM helped guide them through this rebranding by designing new bags for their entire “Splits” line. And when it came time for Unique to launch their new “Shells” and Flavor Shocked “Shells” they turned to LaunchDM again. Awesome project. Fantastic pretzels!


Although Unique is a local Reading, Pa., brand, their customers are nationwide. LaunchDM built them an e-commerce website so no matter where you are you can get Unique pretzels delivered to your door.

Trailer Graphic

What better way to show off your brand than with a 53 foot trailer rolling around the country? Yes, we design trailers and vehicle wraps too.


You can’t show off the quality of your product without quality photography, especially when it comes to food. Unique needed professional images of their products to showcase the bubbles and deep grooves that make their pretzels exceptional.

Print Projects

Through years of working with Unique, LaunchDM has designed catalogs, ads, point of sale displays, and sales sheets (just to name a few) to keep Unique’s brand on-point.


When Unique introduced their Pretzel “Shells” to the world the packaging had to have it’s own brand to stand out from the rest of the Unique product line. When they added flavoring to the shells, they needed something a little more shocking.

Services Rendered