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In 2013, LaunchDM met with the Circadia executive team to understand the needs for a full website redesign. What came out of the meeting was that Circadia felt their existing website didn’t showcase their products and services the way that they had wanted, and didn’t have the flexibility or backend functionality to update the site on their own. It was determined at that time that the best solution for Circadia would be to create a new WordPress website with content management abilities that would include graphic and functionality enhancements to better position the company among their competitors from a web perspective, all while maintaining brand standards and consistency. LaunchDM was also hired to do a photo shoot of all the Circadia products and create custom icons and design elements for the new site. Since that time LaunchDM has also worked on various projects for Circadia including a tradeshow booth design, B2B brochure, and a retail brochure.


The goal of the projects that LaunchDM worked on for Circadia were to better showcase the outstanding skincare products that they produce. There is a a good amount of competition in the skin care space and in order to stand out in the crowd, Circadia needed to position themselves as the industry expert and leader. In order to do this, they needed to have a well designed website, marketing materials, and a tradeshow booth to display and talk to prospective clients at industry trade shows.


The goal of the website was to better position Circadia as a leader in the skincare industry. The site needed to be graphically appealing, showcase the products effectively, and be easily updated with new products, graphics and promotions.

Tradeshow Booth Design

The trade show booth design goal was to showcase Circadia as an industry leader at the various tradeshows that they attend and exhibit at throughout the year. The graphic elements that were used for the booth design came from inspiration provided by Circadia as well as the designers at LaunchDM. The booth mimics the overall look and feel of the website and other marketing collateral materials.

Retail Brochure

The goal of the retail brochure was to capture the essence of the products and give a good sense of all the benefits of using their products. There was a good amount of design that went into creating the final piece. The brochure has been since used to promote the Circadia brand at tradeshows, salons, and through their distributor network.

Services Rendered