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Our relationship with Carpenter (or CarTech as many locals know this brand to be) began as one of our local landmarks, with it’s big towers and billowing smokestacks; we grew up with Carpenter all around us – which made working with Carpenter a very special relationship. Carpenter is a leading producer and distributor of premium specialty alloys, including titanium alloys, powder metals, stainless steels, alloy steels, and tool steels.


To work collaboratively with Carpenter’s in-house marketing team and create digital marketing assets to boost the Carpenter brand and attract and retain trade show traffic. While creating these assets, Carpenter celebrated it’s 125th anniversary so we were privileged to help deliver this message for such a highly respected brand at such an important moment in the company’s history.

  • Redesign pre-existing microsites to become mobile responsive
  • Create a storytelling experience for the Carpenter brand
  • Create interactive videos / displays for trade show booths

Services Microsite

Each of Carpenter’s main service offerings has a microsite to explain the details and benefits in more depth. We took these pre-existing microsites and redesigned them to be more intuitive and re-architected them to be mobile responsive.

Touch Screen Lobby Displays

When Carpenter was opening it’s new locations we worked collaboratively to create four touch screens for the lobby space. Each touch screen housed content to tell a unique story of the Carpenter brand and product offerings.

Trade Show Booth Design

Working closely with the fabricators, LaunchDM designed and implemented the new look and feel for the Carpenter trade show booth by creating the graphics for the different panels. We also designed an area for the new display panel to showcase the new interactive videos (see below) so we aided in the blueprints and hardware design as well to make most efficient and effective use of space.

Interactive Videos

As mentioned above designing the new booth look and feel, we created interactive videos to display within the booth to match the consistency of the new look. Carpenter has many different shows with each catering to a slightly different audience or user group, so we prepared these videos to be modular to swap titles and assets to be show-specific with a few clicks.

Services Rendered