Launch Dynamic Media – that’s the name of our company. Launch dynamic media. – that’s a sentence, a call to action, it’s what we do and a thing we can help you do. “Launch” is when something is set in motion. “Dynamic” is a continuous and productive activity or change. “Media” can be just about anything around us. Driven by the needs and wants for more, we evolve, technologies evolve, markets evolve and the walls defining “media” expand.

What began in San Francisco well over a decade ago (1997) has evolved into what LaunchDM is today: an industry-leading new media studio with a concentration on all things creative. Whether our team is looking at graphic design, Flash dev, idea generation or straight-up programming our aim is to squeeze each task until the art form drips out onto the canvas.

The bulk of our work hangs out in the interactive/digital realm, but we excel at blending new media with various forms of traditional media. We do killer work for small businesses with big plans, first-class start-ups, Fortune 100 companies and national museums. Our success is dependent upon the value we place on client relationships, our ability to exceed client expectations and our instinct to evolve.